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Fantasy Is What People Want

Reality Is What They Need

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  • CerealKillerr42
Paint Me Like I Am

Why don't you paint me
Like I am?
Paint me happy,
Laughing, running down a path of happiness
Paint me with a smile on my face.

Paint me with long wavy black hair
And my rosy cheeks.
Paint me sunflowers, red and white roses.
Paint me with bears, rabbits and baby deer
In my arms, dancing around me.
Paint me somewhere wonderful
Somewhere where there's sunshine and
A light blue sky
With butterflies floating
Around that lovely sky.

Paint me without my sadness.
Paint me without my sorrow.
Paint me without my tears.
Paint me so my pain won't show.

Can you see the face telling you paint me happy,
Paint me with life, but most of all
Paint me free.

made by nirvanadonna

And she looks so sad in photographs...

suicide is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator