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i focus on the pain...the only thing thats real

before-sat there feeling like death
spanish-pals was easy...part after pals was annoying...but i got a homework pass outta woohoo
theater-k was being crazy at the beginning of class and it made me laugh a lot =)...i am going to hurt daniel chestnut...he wasnt me and sondra couldn't really reherse much
lunch-i hate the world. i dont think so about one of the four...i lie...2...and i realized although i thought im looking for a boyfriend...really im just looking for a shoulder attatched to big strong arms attatched to a person who is my friend...and joy and fucking rapture...blaine decided today to talk to me and try and be all nice w/ shit like "oh thats so fucked up that they did it"..."why wud he go for her when he had u thats just idiotic"...just shit that coming from him made me want to strangle him...and thank god for self control...b/c without it something woulda been broken today...whether it would have been school probably or a body part [preferably neck] i dont know yet
alg2-too much work...and i kept falling asleep x_x
history-im not easily grossed out...but brendan seems to manage...he stuck a piece of a pen in his eye...ewwy
after-zoned to pearl jam but ended up thinking about what i always think about...and no its not what you think it is...i can GAURANTEE that


and btw...i decided to friend only from here on out...starting with all entries after this [unless i make one w/ a FO banner] if u want to read but rnt friended...comment.
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