Circe (painisbeauty666) wrote,

sha na na na na na don't be shy...

Nickname(s): umm...doobie? do i have ne others?
Initials: dgb
How old do you look?: iono...14 or 15 i guess?
How old do you act?: anywhere from 4 to 40
Glasses/Contacts: contacts
Braces: mhm
What makes you happy? ummm...good question...right now very little...but hugs...hugs make me happy
What upsets you? right now the main thing upsetting me is them

First best friend: kirsten
First real boyfriend: define real...first guy i called my boyfriend would be david...i guess the first one where we actually acted like a couple would be umm...shit idk haha
First real memory of something: pushing a cart filled with children into the street when i was 4 =)
First date: idk haha
First kiss: oh god...that would be wrong and almost illegal haha
First screen name: haha...Decoolgrl
First self purchased album: NO fucking clue =)
First pets: oh my cocker spaniel named harry that i thought was a st bernard cuz i was small and he was big....but then i found out like 3 months ago he was really just a cocker spaniel =(...yay the warped perception of being small!
First piercing/tattoo: nadda yet =(
First enemy: idk
First big trip: no clue
First detention: this year w/ ms schall and ms corrigan...on the same day might i add
First heartbreak: mmmmmhsdjhjkl
First time breaking a bone: my middle finger in 7th grade =)
First sleepover: no clue
First hangover: n/a

Social Life:
Best girl friend(s): i really dont know anymore
Boyfriend: non existant
Hobbies: softball...bball...listenin to music....hangin out w/ friends
Are you center of attention or the wallflower: wallflower i s'pose
Would you rather be with friends or on a date: friends
Best hangout: iono...depends wat is intended to happen

Car ride: tonight commin home from bball
Movie seen: spongebob squarepants
swear word: idk
beverage consumed: mountain dew
Person you called: jamie
that called you: jamie
TV show watched: haha...battle of the sexes...what now!?
Shower: last night...i havent taken tonights shower yet
Shoes worn: bball shoes
Item bought: well i went to hot topic today and bought pretty underwear, a wristband, a floyd shirt, and shoelaces! woo!
Annoyance: too many to pick one
CD you listened to: lateralus ~>tool
CD you've bought: umm...umm...good question =)
Person you were thinking of: people [not who yr expecting]

What are you wearing: black sweats and an old baggy tee
What song are you listening to?: idk
What's the weather like?: cold im assuming
Current obsession: idk...although luke cud give u one @_@
Current Addiction: lets not get into that
Talking To: erica

soooo is love/sex life is crazy and confusing and painful and school life is going down the drain...basketballs a manwhore...and teen drama is taking over the world! run and hide you silly and hide!

I can't exist anymore
till I destroy you
I hate everyone
Don't know what to do
Ingesting flesh and bone
makes me a cannibal
Or am I criminal?
I feel so horrible

Now everything's horrible

Sucking on colorforms
Becoming see through
Still hating everyone
as I detest you
I do not feel wrong
this makes me durable
or am I criminal
I'm so damn horrible

Now everything's horrible

Fade into yesterday
Searching for my youth
Trying to digest it all
Searching for the truth
Self centered devil spawn
This makes me durable
Or am I criminal
I'm fucking horrible

Now everything's horrible

Now everything's horrible
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