Circe (painisbeauty666) wrote,

[ .. CURRENT .. ]
- Current Clothes: jeans and black "new school" sweatshirt
- Current Mood: spiteful and bitter i suppose
- Current Music: reflection by tool
- Current Taste: diet dr pepper
- Current Make-up: nadda
- Current Hair: down and surprisingly pretty...its curly without being poofy or frizzy

- Current Smell: nadda
- Current thing I ought to be doing: homework...lots of it
- Current Desktop Picture: one of the defaults b/c i havent bothered to make one yet...its this red and black...thing
- Current Favorite Artist: trent reznor [NIN]

- Current Favorite Group: currently...maybe floyd

- Current Book: half way through "Dolores Claiborne" by Stephen King...but something tells me i'll never be finishing it
- Current CD in CD Player: lateralus by tool
- Current tape in VCR: thirteen
- Current Color Of Toenails: natural
- Current Refreshment: diet dr pepper
- Current Worry: that i'll lose my self control...i dont think i can do anything new without getting caught...and i cant get caught...i cant.

- You Touched: umm...john i believe

- You Talked to: mom
- You Hugged: john

- You Instant messaged: luke...but something tells me he wont respond
- You Yelled At: sorry sweety =\
- You Kissed: luke

[ FAV0URITE .. ]
- Foods: iono
- Drink: iono

- Color: purple, crimson, black

- Album: right now im really lovin "the grudge" [mortiis's new album]
- Shoes: my blue n black platforms or my red chucks

- Candy: mike n ikes
- Animal: horses
- TV Show: im likin the battle for ozzfest thing
- Song: right now...possibly hey you by floyd or vermillion pt 2 by slipknot or terrible lie by NIN
- Vegetable: iono
- Fruit: iono
- Cartoon: heehee...drawn together

[ ARE Y0U .. ]
- Understanding: depends who u ask

- Open-minded: i try to be
- Arrogant: no

- Insecure: yes
- Interesting: no
- Easily Amused: sometimes
- Random: sponge.

- Hungry: no
- Friendly: usually
- Smart: yea
- Moody: yes
- Childish: sometimes
- Independent: not by nature...but im somewhat forced into it right about now
- Healthy: nope
- Emotionally Stable: fuck you! *cries* [that wud be a no btw]

- Shy: sometimes
- Difficult: yes

-Bored Easily: no

- Messy: yea
- Thirsty: no
- Responsible: no
- Obsessed: apparantly
- Angry: yes
- Sad: yes
- Happy: i was for about 2 hours yesterday...but beyond
- Hyper: sometimes
- Trusting: too much so
- Talkative: sometimes

[ WH0 D0 Y0U WANT T0 .. ]
- Kill: as bitter as im being...they know who they are
- Slsp: so many people

- Get High With: john, scott, jamie, sean
- Tickle: iono
- Look Like: gwen stefani
- Talk To Offline: right now...ben jamie and anyone in new york
- Talk To Online: idk...whoever

[ HAVE Y0U EVER .. ]
- Been kissed? yes
- Done Drugs? yes
- Eaten an entire package of Oreos? no
- Been on stage? yes
- Dumped Someone? yes
- Gotten in a car accident? yes
- Been in love? i want to say no...but unfortunately yes

[ FAV0URITE .. ]
-Shampoo? eh
-Toothpaste? eh

-Soap? eh
-Room in your house? my room
-Instrument? dont have just one

[ EITHER/0R .. ]
-Coffee or hot chocolate? either/or
-Lace or satin? satin
-New or old? depends on what
-Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt? brad pitt was in fight club...he wins

-Vogue or Cosmopolitan? ...
-Jeans or cords? oh god...jeans.
-Sweater or sweatshirt? sweatshirt
-T-shirt or tank top? tshirt

-Skirt or dress? neither..although the reaction i get in a skirt is fun sometimes
-Wool or cotton? cotton
-Rose or Lily? rose
-Oldies or pop? oldies
-Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? no
-Do you have a best friend? not just one

- Cried? ...
- Helped someone? u tell me
- Bought something? yup...popeyes

- Gotten sick? yes
- Gone to the movies? no
- Gone out for dinner? does dinner at popeyes count
- Said "I love you"? yea...and not to who you're expecting

- Written a real letter? no
- Moved on? no

-Talked to an ex? yea

- Missed an ex? ...
- Talked to someone you have a crush on? ...
- Had a serious talk? yea
- Missed someone? yea

- Hugged someone? yea

- Fought with your parents? yea
- Fought with a friend? yea

[ D0 Y0U .. ]
- Wear eye shadow? rarely

- Put on a "front"? im fine. really. perfectly fine. [i try]

- Have a crush on someone? yea
- Eat with your mouth open? umm...i dont think so
- If you got a tattoo, where would you get it? if i could only get one...ony my upper back just below my neck...of wings

- What color is your floor/carpet in your room? blue
- What was the last CD you bought? there were 5: pearl jam, korn, mortiis, kmfdm, and rammstein
- How did you spend last summer? playing softball and going to FWF

-When's the last time you showered? last night
- Are you lonely? yes

-Are you happy? meh

-Are you wearing pajamas? no

-Are you talking to someone online? not relle
- What is your astrological sign? gemini

"My God! I can't take any more of this - first you spurn me for Eddie, then you cast him off like an old overcoat for Rocky. You chew people up and then spit them out - I loved you, do you hear me - I LOVED YOU - And what did it get me - I'll tell you - a big nothing. You're like a sponge. You take, take, take, take! You drain others of their love and emotions. Well, I've had enough. You've got to choose between me and Rocky - so named because of the rocks in his head."

Frank throws a switch, she turns to stone.
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