Circe (painisbeauty666) wrote,

List 10 different statements about 10 different people without including their name

i've done this before...but the people in my life and my relations with them are constantly 'ere goes....

1] we lost touch for like a month...but now we're talking again...a lot...and getting back into things i thought were dead now...but apparantly not...i have no idea where things are heading with us now...all i know is that this should be interesting...and im glad we're talking again...[and if i did it next weekend...ud neeeeever know!]

2] idk whats happening to us...its probably entirely my fault...ive lost it and u were the innocent bystander caught in the cross fire...sometimes i really am just being a bitch to you...but sometimes i really do think you provoke just never understand sorry to be bringing you down like this and adding unneccesary drama to your know i love you to death and you're one of my best friends ever...*offers hand* truce? [sp?]

3] we were friends...or at least i thought we were...but you fucking stabbed me in the back...and you deserve the guilt trip you're getting for what you did...and you fucking know knew it was wrong and you did it stop apologizing and you're sorry because you "feel bad" did it to yourself and you deserve to feel like shit because of it

4] you...god where to lied to me about everything and made promises you knew you couldn't keep...but because of all the lies i was lead to believe were true i believed you...i warned you i had committment issues...why couldnt you have had the decency to warn me about what you're capable of...i know why...because you're a cold blooded killer who sits up there on his fucking pedastol fucking over people and enjoying lied about her too...the entire fucking 7 weeks you lied about her...if you were "trying not to hurt me" you never shudda asked shudda asked her back then and been happy little rabbits fucking every weekend...i dont know why im going on about this...w/ yr ego wadda u care how yr actions affect people you "love" of these days you'll get whats coming to you...and when that day comes ill smile.

5] you and i started getting close recently...possibly because right now we understand completely what the other person is going through...because its pretty much the same thing...i really hope you take care of yourself and don't do anything too bad...i'd really miss you if you did =(

6] [this one applies to 2 people] we've been friends a lil over a year now...and im glad to have u as a feels like yr getting distant...maybe just b/c you go to a different school now...but i really hope we stay friends and we continue to hang out...much love to you<33

7] i miss you. i really do. i can still see the scar i made for you...even though its been over a year were the only person to ever completely understand me...and whether or not u appreciated me i miss you and i wish you were back in my life...although i know you never will be

8] you live pretty far away...but i still feel close to you...i almost got to go up there to go to a concert with you...but that didnt end up working out...although i wish it had =(...i hope we always stay close and that next summer on your road trip you come get me and take me away with you =)

9] so u n i just started talking really recently...and im glad...b/c u let me rant and you listen and you understand...and you're the only person doing that for me right i thank you...and you know if you ever need to rant or bitch that im here =)

10][once again...applies to 2 people] we've really grown apart since you've switched school...we used to be tight as anything...but now we barely talk...and i miss you...and i wish we were still good friends...but wishing won't change if you wanna be close again call sometime

well weren't some of those flamingly obvious =)
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