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so last night i talked to jamie again...hadnt talked to him in awhile...we were on the phone for like 3 was great haha...and i talked to his roommate will...will seems cool too...and it was nice to talk to jamie again...if they get their hands on a car hopefully ill see them next weekend =)

aaaaaand i spent today watching the princess bride...and then more of gone with the wind...and then i met up w/ john n scott n cory at whole foods...and we went to baskin robbins...and to a playground...and being at the playground rocked...and we went back to baskin robbins so that things cud rock more...but then they we went to popeyes and ate...and talked about crazy how if popeyes was w/ a bunch of stoner kids hed beat them up and be like "dont smoke spinach!"...and we talked about scooby doo...and just...crazy shit...and it was fun...but then they had to now im here

i wanna get out of the house again cuz 2 people are online and that alone is stirring emotions...i wanna move to ny...either w/ my babys in nyack or my babys on long island or my babys in is better when im w/ new york people

i had a crazy dream last n luke were in lunch like right outside the auditorium...and we yelled and screamed at each other...and b/c of what was said...he beat me to death

i woke up smiling.
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