Circe (painisbeauty666) wrote,

my instincts were right the whole fucking time
but i didnt listen to them
and i actually have information this time besides just what i see
god...some fucking "friends"
and their not just doing it to me
that wouldnt piss me off so much
they're doing it to a friend of mine
who is also a "friend" of theirs
and if i lose that friend over this
i might actually go through with killing them
and of course myself because prison would not be fun
god fuck it all

i thought there might be something more there
and in the back of my mind i knew there was
but i ignored it
so yes this is partially my own fucking faul
but god damnit
if they really were friends to me or the mutual friend
they wouldnt fucking flaunt it all

god fuck everything

everything is so fucked up

and it finally makes sense

and i wish it didnt

and i dont know what im going to do about it
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