Circe (painisbeauty666) wrote,

*thrashes about and siezes*

k so tonight was my *be a self-pitying-recently-dumped-chick* night.

how so u may be asking?

well...i got my mom to get me chinese
and i watched the first half of Gone With the Wind

all of this after a like 30 min break down
and making plans for things next saturday

and i really wish people were being my friends
not only the 2 mentioned in my last entry
but all of my friends
i mean i don't hold it against them
i don't ask them for the one thing i need
so of course i don't expect them to give it to me
but it would be nice if one of them just like
knew me well enough that they know what i need
and some of them know me well enough
that they should be able to figure it out
but they havent
so sucks for me
oh fuck it
i swear
my entries will be much less self-pitying
but not tonight
tonight i need to curl up in a ball and escape
run away to childish fantasies
that i know will never come true
but that can make me forget about reality
and be ok until something brings me back
and it tends to be a someone
instead of something.
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